Dissertation Repository Foreword

James Bowker, Ioana Cerasella Chis, Eliza Garwood, Darcy Luke, Mae Rohani


The Dissertation Repository is the result of the overwhelming response to our call for dissertation submissions for the Special Edition of the NBR. So many dissertations contained timely and engaging arguments that we felt it necessary to create a space where these arguments could be accessed by the wider community of students and academics at all levels. Therefore, the Repository contains a number of dissertations which we received but could not include in the Special Edition. In this sense, the Repository should be seen as an extension of the Special Edition – an extension which can be regularly updated with new dissertations as they emerge. The following dissertations enter the Repository without being edited, but the goal is to establish the Repository as a space for further engagement and critique, where work can be developed, edited and stored. As such, the Repository should also be seen as a project – a process – which will expand and develop with the continued input of a diverse range of students.

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